Jul 302012

This morning I realized I had no sendmail functionality on my web server.  This isn’t good, since many programs need to be able to, well, send mail.  I had a couple of options.  I could install Postfix or Exim, and take on the task of managing a whole mail system, or I could install a “nullmailer”.  A simple program that forwards mail to an upstream server for further processing.  There are a handful of good nullmailer programs available.  The two I’m most familiar with are sSMTP and Nullmailer.  Here’s a brief overview of the two.

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Jul 292012

Greetings and hallucinations, web-goers!  I humbly welcome you to my fancy schmancy new website.  I haven’t had time to say much yet, but Monday I’m going to throw up an “About me” page, so you can know a little bit about who I am.  If you check out my Contact page, I’ve got an e-mail address up there.  You’re welcome to send me a message telling me what kind of content you’d like to see, or you can post a comment below.

If you know who I am, I hope you’ll check back often.  I hope to publish a variety of content, including special treats for subscribers only, so sign up while it’s free!