Aug 192016

It’s been a long time…  And by long, I mean very long.  I’ve finished at UCI, started a job hunt, given up on Debian and enlightenment, moved on from apache, and studied python.  Soon, I’ll be replacing this site with a new one.  I’ve got to migrate all the content over…  but the new one isn’t based on WordPress anymore.  It’s managed through git.  Yes, that’s right.  An entire CMS that lets you manage content, push posts, etc.  all through git with no web administration.  WTF?  I’ll share more news soon.  The fun parts are back-end integration.  As yet, it’s not the simplest to get set up..  but this is for managing a large number of mostly static sites.  I’ve got two problems left to solve, then It’ll be done.  In the mean time, if you’ve any information for me on the following topics, please feel free to comment:

  • How to quickly get the last reference that references a file in a branch in git…  Without access to the git cli, using only native PHP code.
  • How to run code on an AWS instance in response to a CodeCommit push. Current solution is to use SNS -> SQS -> python listener, but that’s not very robust…

If you want a preview of the new site, check out

Feb 172014

So I’ve recently switched from Ubuntu back to Debian, and am using Debian 7 Wheezy for all of my day-to-day Linux business.  I must say I’m quite pleased with the changes, and almost any package I find missing can be built from source in mere minutes.  That said, There’s no Enlightenment repository and no packages available.

With that in mind, I have taken to building a repository for Enlightenment E17, and plan to add future packages as they become available.  Right now, I’m building E17 and the EFL from Testing, as if it were a standard Backport.  You can find my repository configuration and directions below.
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