Mar 122013

So as a part of my move I’ve opted to use Uverse by AT&T as my internet service provider and have included Television as part of my package.  I placed my order online and scheduled an installer to come to my house on the 5th.  That’s the day after I moved in.  I scoured the site from top to bottom, clicked every link available and explored every corner of the interface, but there was no option to specify that I wanted to include a package of 8 static IP addresses.  Additionally, because I was receiving $150 in discounts for placing my order “entirely online”, I couldn’t call a representative either.  This left me with only one possible recourse:  The notes field.  I stated clearly in my account notes that I intended to have the 8 Static IP address package, and wanted the installer to ensure it was properly working before he left.

Well clearly this worked perfectly.  The installer arrived and had read the notes.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t something he could do.  I would have to call AT&T again.  The installation was quite pleasant.  The installer did an excellent and professional job aside from that static IP issue.  I enjoyed fast, responsive internet service all night, until I went to bed.  As he left he informed me that the installation and service logs can sometimes take a few hours to clear out , and it was already end of day.  I decided to call about my static IP addresses the next morning.

Then things got interesting.

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Aug 072012

Moving is always a difficult task.  You have to plan, pack, move, unpack, then there’s the hard stuff.  In about one month, I’ll be moving from Sacramento to Irvine for school.

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